Daniel Gibbs is a recovering computer engineer

He first developed the universe that Echoes of War and Breach of Duty take place in over twenty years ago. His love of sci-fi and military fiction sparked his overactive imagination and fueled a growing ambition to bring his vision of the future to readers. Decades after the inception of his ideas, he released his first novel ‘Fight The Good Fight’ in 2018. Daniel draws on his extensive experience supporting the US Navy and Marine Corps as an IT engineer to bring an authentic lens to military science fiction, focusing on the trials and tribulations of those who protect and serve.


My all time favorite sci-fi novel is Mutineer’s Moon by David Weber. The jist of it is that our moon is a giant space ship.

With the obligatory third-person description of me out of the way, allow me to explain a bit more about who I am behind the scenes. First, thanks for taking the time to explore this site, and read my novels. Secondly, if you’ve read any of my work, you’re probably wondering where I got the idea to incorporate religion into military science fiction.

Simple, really. I don’t believe that going to the stars will eliminate humanity’s culture or religious beliefs. Babylon 5 portrayed this well, and convincingly – at least in my opinion. That, and I’ve always wondered what would happen if Christians, Jews, and Muslims could set aside our differences, focus on the things that we have in common, and forge a better world.

Out of much pondering, that overactive imagination mentioned in the first paragraph produced Echoes of War. Now seven novels long, with a four novel spin-off – Breach of Faith – the universe has taken on a life of its own. I hope you, dear reader, enjoy the ride and continue to read what I’ve written. As always, feel free to drop me a line with questions or comments.

God bless,

Daniel Gibbs

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In “Stand Firm”, you’ll find the story of Major Levi Cohen – who readies to retire after twenty years of peacetime service to the Terran Coalition. When his plans are cut short by a massive force of warships attacking his home, Levi must find a way to overcome the enemy at any cost.

Because every victory requires a sacrifice.

Nothing is ever simple. When given “A Simple Mission”, Captain James Henry and the crew of the Shadow Wolf must overcome treachery that stalks them at every turn. Jim realizes the past is repeating itself – and he’s been setup, yet again.

This time, he won’t surrender without a fight.

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