After the end of the occupation of Sauria and the gradual reintroduction of the Saurian Empire into the local galactic cluster, the Canaan Alliance is disbanded in the face of increasing isolationism from its members. While the military clauses of the treaty are gone, strong trade and technological ties remain.


The Terran Coalition and Saurian Empire reach the Treaty of Sauria. This treaty creates expanded free trade zones and provides for technology transfers of a non-military nature between both nations. Of particular interest to the Saurians are the advanced terraforming methods used by the Terran Coalition, as they wrecked their homeworld with industrial pollutants hundreds of years prior. Joint military exercises begin with the Saurian Imperial Navy receiving an invitation to the annual “Valiant Shield” exercises held by the Coalition Defense Force.


Following twenty-five years of peace, the Coalition Defense Force undergoes a large-scale drawdown. Many ships are transferred back to the respective nation-states that built them. This is particularly true of the larger, wealthy planets, such as New Washington, Churchill, and the African Union.


The League of Sol / Terran Coalition war breaks out in 2432 when League forces cross the boundary of inter-galatic space between the Orion and Sagitarrius arms of the Milky Way, and strike what they hoped to be a surprise blow against the Coalition’s capital – Canaan. Forwarned by a border patrol vessel that happened on the enemy fleet between jumps, the Coalition Defense Force rose to the challenge. 

The Terrans hold the line despite horrendous losses, and rally their worlds to the struggle. The former allies of the Canaan Alliance sit out the war, battered by the previous decades of warfare with the Saurians.