CSV Yitzhak Rabin

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Magnetic Cannons

Mainstay anti-ship projectile weapon of the Terran Coalition. Ajax class destroyers mount three, double turret batteries with a 200mm bore. They are capable of engaging most sub-capital vessels with ease.

CIWS – Point Defense 

The Terran Coalition’s Close-In Weapon System or CIWS, provides excellent point defense coverage for the Ajax class destroyers. Upgraded to have ten emplacements, up from six on the previous destroyer design, they offer three hundred and sixty degrees of overlapping protection against small craft and missile threats.

Neutron Beams 

Primary energy weapon of the Terran Coalition. Fires a solid beam of tightly packed neutrons that crush targets and cause extensive thermal damage. Damage output constrained by reactor size and the vessel’s energy weapon capacitor.


Nerve center of the ship. Manned twenty-four hours a day, the officers and enlisted crew keep a constant watch on all systems, ready to jump into battle at a moment’s notice. Ajax class destroyers have several notable improvements to previous designs, including integrated tactical sensors and an upgraded fleet link.

Engine Pods 

Ion thrust engines are the primary propulsion system for Terran Coalition warships. Coupled with advanced maneuvering thrusters, and integrated fusion over-thrust engines, Ajax class destroyers are the most maneuverable warship in the Coalition Defense Force.

RoleDestroyer / Fast Space Warfare
Mass53,500 tons
Dimensions (LxWxH)230x90x160 Meters

Twin Barrel 200mm Magnetic-Cannon Turrets x3

Neutron Beam Emitters (Bow x2, Stern x2)

CIWS Point Defense x10

Starbolt Missile Tubes (bow x2)

ShieldsThird Generation Energy Deflector Generators x2

Ion Thrust Engines

Ion Maneuvering Thrusters

Fusion Drive Overthrust System

75 Lightyear Range Lawrence Drive

Crew Compliment400-430 Depending on Deployment
Motto“Peace through Strength”

The Ajax class is the most modern destroyer in the Coalition Defense Force fleet. British Aerospace Limited designed it, and the first flight of ten units was built at the Strathclyde Shipyard facilities in orbit of Churchill.

Reflecting two decades of combat experience, the Ajax class destroyer combines the latest advanced fusion reactor technology, with the best engines, shields, and weapons the Terran Coalition has to offer. Rumors abound that Saurian and Matrinid technology was covertly passed to outfit this new class of vessel.

A proving ground for the latest equipment, plans exist to quickly modernize the rest of the fleet once the Ajax proves itself in battle.

The CSV Yitzhak Rabin was commissioned in 2456. It was David Cohen’s first command. After extensive battle damage, it was eventually used during the Valiant Shield exercises of 2461 as a live-fire target.

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CSV Yitzhak Rabin



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