Reservist Lieutenant Justin Spencer loves every minute of flying fighters through space during his annual two-week tour with the Coalition Defense Force. The job back home isn’t nearly as thrilling as blowing up asteroids with the squadron under his command, but it keeps him close to his wife and daughter. After all, joining the CDF was only for the free education. Justin never expected a battle, much less a war.



The Terran Coalition faces repeated and brutal attacks from the repressive League of Sol. To defend his home planet, David Cohen trades his dream of becoming a rabbi for a battlefront in the far reaches of space. When particle beams fly, his courage under fire brings quick promotion. But in the lulls between battles when he must confront his soul, David finds a different enemy: the ghosts of those killed under his command.



After they learn a missing operative is still alive, Captain James Henry and his crew are hired to extract her. But multiple galactic forces are scheming, and Captain Henry will have to move carefully if he wants his team and ship to survive…



After three decades of bitter warfare between the League of Sol and the Terran Coalition, a new shadow war begins. Not content to let the Terrans have their victory, League agents start a deadly game of cat and mouse. A conflict previously marked by massive fleets, divisions of Marines, and set piece battles between the combatants is now fought by small teams of operatives, striving to stay hidden in the shadows. Will Captain Jackson Adams, and the Coalition Intelligence Service be up to the challenge?


The Lost Warship

There is a time to weep and a time to mourn.
For the CSV Lion of Judah, that time has not yet come.
Thrown far beyond the Milky Way into the great unknown, Major General David Cohen and his crew
face their toughest challenge yet: finding a way home.


Galaxy Bridge

Colonel Mateo Larra of the Coalition Defense Force takes command of Joint Base Sagittarius Arch, only to find that the challenges have just begun. Pirates harass merchant vessels throughout the void, while the League plays its deadly spy games. But when a new alien threat emerges, all other concerns are secondary. Because this time, it’s a fight the Coalition can’t win.


Terran Diaspora Anthologies​

Collections of short stories and novellas straight from the Terran Diaspora! Discover the origin of some of your favorite characters. Witness intense galactic battles from all-new perspectives in one exciting anthology series as you journey across the Terran Coalition, neutral space, and into the great beyond.