Tales from the Coalition Defense Force Vol 2

Courage, Commitment, Faith BOOK 2

The second volume of sci-fi short stories straight from the Terran Diaspora!

Discover the origins of some of your favorite characters. Meet new battle hardened brothers-in-arms. All in one exciting, action-packed anthology!

Captain Tomas Alves and the washed-out spooks aboard the Damocles rocket across the galaxy for what should be just another job—until a traitor ensures it might be their last.

Before Yanik S-srish became the Shadow Wolf’s first mate, the young Saurian faced an impossible choice that would determine his future path—and cost him everything he held dear.

Deputy Coalition Marshal Luca Harper heads to a backwoods sand trap for a simple prisoner transfer—and meets a criminal element that will change the entire course of his career.

After years of war, Chief Warrant Officer Watt Jiro is happy to leave behind the CDF for the Far Survey Corps—until cataloguing a new planet’s species forces him to confront an old enemy.

Experience bravery, honor, and sacrifice across the universe from the minds of your favorite science fiction authors Daniel Gibbs, Steve Rzasa, Gary T Stevens, and Christopher Schmitz.

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