Just writing the title of this blog was awe-inspiring, and very humbling to me. The phrase that has come to mind repeatedly this week as I finished the final editing and building up of the ebook, was this: “What hath God wrought.”

Aside from being the first telegraph message sent by Samuel Morse, it sums up the feelings going through as I finish this first chapter in the story of David Cohen.

Book 7 – Finish the Fight

I’ve gotten more than a few emails asking if Finish the Fight marks the last time we’ll see David in print – the answer is no! Unequivocally no. But, sometimes, it’s important to set something you love aside for a while to ensure it doesn’t get stale.

My idea notebook is filled with additional novels about David and his compatriots on the Lion of Judah, and they’ll be written in 2021.

In the meanwhile, I’m working on a third series I plan to unveil in the next few months that will take us back to the year 2433, and shine a spotlight on a character already known to the universe.

Enjoy reading Finish the Fight, and thank you all for supporting my work.

Daniel Gibbs