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Class Escort Carrier Mass 60 LxWxH 124x49x30m Armaments X-Ray Pulse Lasers x4 (point defense) Shields Energy Deflector Generators x1 Engines Ion Thrust Engines x3 An escort carrier in the service of the Coalition Navy, Thane class ships carry 40 starfighters of various types. There are currently 29 Thane Class ships in service, including the CSV…

Hunter Missiles

These sophisticated missiles are the pride of the Coalition. Capable of anti-starship and anti-ground combat, the Hunters are fire-and-forget weapons with highly sophisticated computerization, sensors, and AI.

Liberal Party

Class Political Party The Liberal Party is descended from the party of the same name in Australia of the 20th and 21st Centuries, though it has now expanded to widespread popularity in the Anglo-American and European communities, having merged over the years with the Americans’ Republican Party and the Tories of Britain (it is called…


Class Planet Population 4.6 billion Moons Goshen, Hebron Climate Varied (temperate, desert, arctic) Defenses Transatmospheric Fighter Wings Satellite Defense Network Planetary Energy Shields The capital world of the Terran Coalition and the first planet settled by the Exodus. Its capital is Lawrence City. Canaan has six continents, two roughly the size of Asia on Old…