War breaks out when the Turkish Air Force engages and destroys a squadron of EU bombers flying over its territory. Claiming OPEC as the aggressor, the World Society pledges to internationalize the middle east’s oil fields and “remove the hooks of religion” from the region.


In the face of the existential threat of the World Society, Israel joins the Middle Eastern Alliance. For the first time in recorded history, Arab, Turkish, Persian and Israeli armies fight alongside one another as allies. The EU is pushed back by their combined forces.


The battle lines seesaw back and forth from Turkey to Iran as the might of the EU and Russia weigh heavily against the defenders. As the Middle Eastern Alliance is on the brink of defeat, the United States and Britain enter the war. The English and US Navy push through the Straits of Gibraltar and land an expeditionary force. Backed by numerous carriers, the massive show of force causes the World Society to pull back.


An armistice is declared between the EU/Russia and the Middle Eastern Alliance, along with their allies. England argues the allies should press forward and deliver a knockout blow to the EU, but worldwide, there is no appetite for continued conflict.


Following two years of relative peace, China formally enters a military alliance with the EU and Russia. Simuatiously, Chinese, Russian, and EU assets attack worldwide. American outposts in the Indian ocean are hit, along with Taiwan, while millions of Chinese ground troops join with Russian and EU armies to storm Turkey and Iran.


In the face of overwhelming force, Israel uses its tactical nuclear weapons to decimate the Chinese army after it broke through all remaining defensive lines. While the strike kills upwards of eight-hundred-thousand Chinese troops, the communist juggernaut rolled on. After reality sets in, the Middle Eastern Alliance stages a final stand to allow as many civilians as possible to escape into Africa, where the African Union formally joins the Freedom Alliance. Using the Suez canal as a natural defensive position, they finally check the World Society’s advance.