Welcome to the new Daniel Gibbs website!

Greetings readers! Welcome to the new and improved Daniel Gibbs author website. I’m very excited for all of you to explore and experience some of the world-building I’ve done over the last few years. While there’s listings for all of my books and signup for my newsletter, the real beauty of this new site is the deep dive into the shared universe of Echoes of War and Breach of Peace.

You can now view a timeline of events from 2035 to 2433 (LINK HERE).

There’s an in-depth encyclopedia (LINK HERE). This encyclopedia, over time, will grow to include every major and minor character, planets, political entities including alien empires, ships, and technology. In short, everything you could ever want to know about the universe of Echoes of War!You can even look at detailed, high resolution renders and additional information of the Lion of Judah (LINK HERE) and the Yitzhak Rabin (LINK HERE). There’s even some interior renders and concept art.

Finally, a star map of the area of space in which the novels occur.

Daniel Gibbs